New Year’s Resolutions for Parents Raising Young Inventors!

Jan 14, 2022

As we start the new year, it is important to reflect on the past year and remind ourselves of our good parenting successes and the ways we have acted in the best interests of our children. We are often too quick to be critical of ourselves and forget all the wonderful nurturing we have done. 

We’ve put together 5 examples of parenting resolutions, which we hope you will find realistic and doable throughout the new year.

  1. Say “Yes” More. Say “No”More. Try saying “yes” more to spending quality family time and doing things together. Say “No” More. When it comes to I want, I need, everyone has it, and everyone does it, learn how to say “no.”
  2. Listen More; Talk at Less. Ask “What do you think? What are you feeling? Tell me about it. What would you do?”
  3. Negotiate Less; Explain More. Our kids deserve to know the thinking behind our decisions and expectations.
  4. Write a Little More. Get in the habit of writing notes of encouragement, love, recognition, responsibility, and daily appreciation of life
  5. Read a Little More. It’s not only a good way to spend time together, but reading to your child, with your child, and in front of your child will also help them grow as readers. Grab your books, magazines, newspapers, notes, and check out our book series for inspiration.