Four Parenting Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

Dec 2, 2022

The weather is getting colder and the house is getting warmer. Holidays are known to be a time where families come together and spend quality time together.

However, this may not always be as peaceful and easy as the movies or commercials show. The holidays can oftentimes be a stressful time for kids and parents alike as it’s filled with visiting family, presents, and oftentimes sugar!


Here are a few tips to help ease your holiday season:

    1. Set clear expectations
        • Before you go to any holiday events, set clear expectations with your children. Make sure that both of you have a clear idea of rules and expectations. Sit your children down to make sure they understand these rules and expectations. Children often like to have a routine so providing this structure for when their normal routines changed around can be extremely helpful in relieving some of the stresses. Make sure that these rules and expectations are age appropriate – we want to set our children up for success. While this seems obvious – it’s often something that gets pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of the holiday.
    2. Create a code word
        • Select a code word with your child for them to use if they become overwhelmed and need a break. Children often do not want to be embarrassed by explaining themselves in front of others. This will give you both an opportunity to take a step back and check in with one another. This is especially helpful to any children who may struggle more with loud spaces or crowds.
    3. Consider your child’s temperament
        • Different children may react very differently in large group gatherings. For example, introverted children may become overwhelmed and need a quiet space to retreat to while extroverted children may thrive and have a meltdown when it’s time to leave. It’s helpful to consider this and keep it in mind beforehand.
    4. Don’t rush
        • This is oftentimes easier said than done but rather than pushing to leave on time and rushing out the door, it is a good idea to leave some extra time to get ready as kids can often pick up on our stress levels and react to it.

To get your children in the spirit of the holiday’s we’ve created a fun and easy holiday decoration activity! Your children create beautiful decorations by coloring in and adding any fun designs to these holiday cut outs. Coloring is a great way for children to express themselves while developing motor skills, encouraging patience and relaxation, and teaching them about concentration!

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