7 Tips To Help Protect Our Oceans! 🌊

Jun 3, 2022

World Ocean Day is celebrated every year on June 8th! World Ocean Day is a worldwide holiday that raises awareness about the importance of preserving oceans and encourages everyone to keep them blue and clean. It is so important to begin educating your little ones from an early age because raising the next generation of environmentally-conscious individuals isn’t an easy task. Below we’ve listed a few ways you and your children can make an impact and help protect our oceans together!

1. Use Less Plastic ♻️

Plastic is the leading pollutant of the ocean. Decreasing the amount of plastic you and your child use will make a significant impact. For more tips on how to reduce your plastic use check out our 7 tips to reduce plastic pollution blog post!

2. Help Clean Up The Beach 🏖️

When you visit the beach make sure you have your child double check that they’re not leaving anything behind such as litter, food, toys or clothing. These pollutants have such a significant impact on not only the wildlife but also on other humans. If you want to take this a step farther do a litter cleanup walk at the beach with your child! Bring a trash bag and walk up and down the beach picking up any litter you find at the beach. 

3. Respect Marine Life 🦭

Teach your child about the importance of respecting marine life by reminding them that it’s important to observe the wildlife from afar. Encourage them to discover wildlife quietly and carefully as poking or pulling wildlife off of rocks can have a great impact on the creatures. This may seem like a small thing to do but it’s so important in protecting our oceans.

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 🚴

There are so many ways to protect the oceans without having to go to them – reducing your carbon footprint is one of them. By making your child aware of their carbon footprint and getting them to actively reduce it is a great way to start! Simple ways for kids to start reducing their carbon footprint is by encouraging them to ride a bike or walk rather than asking for a ride somewhere, turning off the lights when they leave the room, reusing and recycling items, turning the water off when they’re brushing their teeth and more! 

5. Learn As Much As Possible🤔 

Kids’ minds are like sponges! Have your kids learn more about the ocean and their curiosities about it. Knowledge is power so increasing your child’s knowledge will be one of the most impactful things you can do. Encourage them to read books, watch documentaries, visit aquariums, and get involved in clean-up opportunities to make an impact at a young age – this is very likely to not only gain their attention but also spark new interests! 

Your #younginventor can dive into the spirit of World Ocean Day with this fun coloring page!